Greetings everyone.  Needless to say 2020 was a year to forget, but unfortunately will likely never be forgotten for most everyone for numerous reasons, including both Covid and political unrest.  For us, we certainly didn't see things happening like they did.

As a quick overview, we found out in early March that our lease was ending at the end of March.  We had two  5-year options remaining and after 8.5 years we had every intention of continuing on.  However, after Newsome's orders  to adjust service came into play, it became obvious that there would be a likely large impact from Covid and the state's involvement in our industries' business operations.  As entrepreneurs you are willing to accept risk, but much of that you can control.  It was obvious during mid-March as the daily see-saw of what was permissible continued to change, that the constant of not knowing what the next day would hold took its toll on us.  We simply decided to not renew our lease at that time and to "sit it out" while the world and our state went back to "normal".  It has always been our intention to re-open when things did normalize.

A coupe weeks ago, we found out that a new group had secured a lease on the Boneshaker space.  We were surprised to have not heard from the landlords, having had a good relationship for 8.5 years, but alas, it is what it is.  We had considered looking at other nearby locations anyway and certainly now that is the plan.  While we don't have anything set yet as I anticipate it still being a few months until we see regular indoor dining and the impact of Covid retracting, we do plan to bring Boneshaker back to our community.  We would like to be able to offer more details but unfortunately don't have any more information than that at this time.  We did need to at least let you know, that the new business at our former location is not ours and has no affiliation with Boneshaker.

We hope that everyone continues to stay healthy and happy and wish everyone a more peaceful and stress-free 2021.  Feel free to signup for our newsletter where we will keep everyone posted  with future news! 


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