Boneshaker Public House...A local brings craft beer back home...

A longtime Sacramento / Roseville resident, founder JJ Anderson spent some college years in Chico which meant growing fond of Sierra Nevada Brewing.  He skipped that whole mass-produced, mass consumed non-sense!  Living in Colorado and Florida, and most recently, Bend, Oregon, the palate of a craft brew lover has continued to evolve. Having personally visited over 400 breweries and  we've only just scratched the surface. As the craft industry has continued to grow, so has the flavors and options.  But in the greater Sacramento area there are only a few folks that are committed to sharing these fine brews at their establishments.  We choose to be one of them. 

Armed with a vision of building a local, family-friendly watering hole and gastropub, where passionate craft beer drinkers could imbibe on an ever-changing menu of beer, in 2011, JJ and wife, Kaytie with the support of partner, Sue Decker transformed the former Pita Pit location in Rocklin into a rustic, warm and intimate pub environment where the community can comfortably eat, drink and be merry.  Through the support of our many friends, family members, patrons, locals, beer-geeks from far and wide, distributors and breweries, Boneshaker has become one of the region's premier craft beer joints.  We invite you to Join the craft beer evolution!

Boneshaker...Whats in a name?

The velocipede was the name given by manufacturers of the first man-peddled bike.  However, due to the metal or wood rims and the cobblestone streets of the time, the common name was a "Boneshaker".  These boneshakers actually closely resembled today's bikes with slight stagger in wheel size from front to back.  The second generation bikes, "Hi-Wheels" or Penny farthings, are generally more recognized as old school bikes and thus used in our logo. Oregonians are famous for their use of bikes and naming our establishment after the boneshaker is largely about bringing a piece of the recreationally-focused, craft-beer loving, easy-going life back to Placer County!